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Mortgages By Sima

“Put My 15+ Years of Experience As a Toronto Mortgage Broker to Work For You To Secure Mortgage Financing”

From the desk of Sima Fisher

Toronto Mortgage Broker

Getting a Mortgage seems simple enough, until you go to the bank and get denied or they offer a really poor rate!

It can be overwhelming. I too had trouble getting my first mortgage! It was only because I had the help of a licenced mortgage agent help me to put the proper paperwork together and help me to shop around for the best rate!

Here’s my story:

15 years ago I was a self employed actor/singer/model. I was working for years and felt it was time to get my very first home. I knew I had enough income and credit score was good too. I also had worked hard to save the down payment. So I went to my bank. I asked the mortgage specialist at my bank for a pre approval. He said “ sorry I cannot get you approved. I was devastated. I couldn't get a mortgage because I was self employed? I finally found someone to help me out then I decided to become an agent and help others out. So now, I specialize in helping self employed and difficult situations. I help many people in the Toronto Film Industry. Cast and Crew to get mortgages. That’s my specialty. No mortgage is too big of a challenge for me. I love to accomplish mortgages that other agents don’t want to touch or are too busy to bother with. I like to help those who are struggling to get a mortgage and help them achieve their dream of home ownership

Having an experienced Mortgage Broker’s guidance is priceless and at no cost to you.

My job is to collect and put together the correct paperwork for your file and shop around to the different banks and private lenders we have available for you to consider. To get the best deal done

I will shop around not only to the big six (RBC, TORONTO DOMINION,TD CANADA TRUST, BMO,SCOTIABANK, CIBC, but also to the private lenders and other Lenders Such as HOME TRUST, ICIC Bank, Equitable Bank,MANULIFE,Sigma Mortgage, Tangerine, simplii financial, Larentian Bank,Desjardins, True North Mortgage,Mortgage Architects, to find the best deal for you. I am not confined to one bank or one specific product. My Company and I go around and have built relationships with banks to find the VERY BEST products for our clients. The best meaning lowest terms and best terms that will match your needs.

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