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Buy or Rent?

SO WHY BUY?? Why not Rent?

You may be thinking to yourself “why Buy my home? I”m fine with renting and I don’t have to think about fixing things or even worrying about getting a mortgage. Well I’m here to tell you the BENEFITS OF OWNING!

Let’s say for example I’m renting my apartment for $1800 per month downtown Toronto for 5 years. In that 5 years I spend $108,000 on paying my landlord and he has used that money to pay the mortgage which counts as income for him. So he has also grown his equity in the home because the home has increased in value on average 4% per year. So now I still have not gotten ahead but I have helped my landlord grow his financial situation greatly.

So what if you have no downpayment?

No or Low downpayment No worries! I have access to two really great programs that can help you. One of the programs requires the same amount you would put down for your apartment (around $1200) the other program I have requires only 5% down and they will offer you 15% interest free moneys to help with your first time home purchase.

There is no better way to increase your financial situation than to OWN YOUR HOME

If you don’t believe me TRY OUT OUR CALCULATORS and figure out how much money you could be wasting on RENT

Call me today and we can go over how to get you to the next phase of HOME OWNERSHIP

I’ll guide you through two different programs…

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